Please do not call or e-mail about the following Q&A’s:

Is drinking allowed? No alcohol, but plenty of spirits.

Is the tour scary? No! It's more entertaining than scary. Nothing will pop-out or surprise you.

Can I bring my child? We will be discussing mature themes (including murder, animal sacrifice and mentions of drugs). It is up to parents whether they would like to bring any children under the age of 12 on the tour.

Where do I pick up my ticket? Your e-mail confirmation is your digital ticket. NO NEED TO PRINT TICKETS.

I don't see the trolley! Don't worry, we'll be there! Some tours take longer than others. We will always depart on time.

I'm running late! We will wait up to 5 minutes for customers who have not yet arrived.

I missed the trolley! Tickets cannot be refunded for any missed tours. (Why? Because then we lose money.)

Can I rebook on another tour? It depends on if space is still available. We will try our best to accommodate you, but nothing is guaranteed.

Can I reschedule my tickets? Yes. (Must be made 24 hours in advance)

Is there parking? Yes. Street parking and garages are available.

Is there a group discount? Only on private tours.

Is the trolley wheelchair accessible? Unfortunately, we are currently not wheelchair accessible (but hope to be in the future!)

Is the trolley heated & air-conditioned? Yes! 

It's supposed to rain/snow. Is the tour still happening? We have an enclosed/all-weather trolley. Only in the event of a snowstorm do we cancel tours.